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Why Work With The KP Elite | Zaback Group?

Benefits of Joining Our Team


Over a Dozen Lead Sources

We provide our real estate agents with high-quality leads from platforms like Zillow, HomeLight, and others.


Transactions Handled for You

Our in-house transaction department will take care of every part of the transaction process for you.


Weekly Trainings

Always be "in the know" with weekly trainings from industry leaders, local experts, and our leadership team.


Exclusive Team Events

We frequently run exclusive team events that focus on our past client database as well as potential clients.


Done-for-You Listing Services

You won't have to worry about any part of the listing process as our team will take care of it for you.


Mentorship Program

We care about the growth and development of our agents, which is why we offer a top-rated mentor program.

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Our Platform

Passive Income

Throughout your career, you will meet other amazing realtors in our industry. If they decide to take the opportunity and join LPT Realty you can share in their revenue when they sell homes. The revenue share does not affect that agent’s commission at all, in fact, LPT Realty gives you a share of their revenue to say “thank you” for loving our company enough to help us all grow together!


One of the benefits of LPT Realty as our broker is the opportunity to become stock owners in LPT Realty World Holdings. LPT Realty World Holdings is a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ. It also includes Virbela Software and Success Media, along with other companies making it a well-rounded portfolio.


KP Elite believes ongoing training is the secret to building a successful business. The real estate industry is always changing and developing. Staying on top of current trends and learning how to maneuver through negotiations as our market presents new challenges is pivotal to your success as an agent.

KP Culture

At the KP Elite Real Estate Team we truly operate like a family. We collaborate, and assist each other; encouraging everyone to elevate themselves and their careers! We have a abundance mindset, not sacristy, fear or competition. Our team thrives because we work hard together while having FUN!

Agent Development

From passing your real estate exam, to writing your 200th contract, KP Elite will meet you where you are. We teach our agents to excel at every level of development in their career. Your business will mature over time, and you will need different things. Our team teaches you what you need to know at every level of development to create a lasting, profitable career in real estate.


KP Elite offers the best resources available! Including KVCore CRM, two full time transaction coordinators, a customized website, full-time sales coach for you, customized business planning and accountability, a full staff with years of experience and knowledge to share, and much more!

Growth Opportunities

We are a growing company team. As we expand nationally, it opens doors for you to build a business that has no boundaries! There is so much room for growth with KP Elite!

Zillow Partnership

We are a growing company team. As we expand nationally, it opens doors for you to build a business that has no boundaries! There is so much room for growth with KP Elite!

Business Builder

We provide the most up-to-date training, systems, coaching, lead gen, resources, and support to get you up to speed quicker and enable you to do more transactions than you can on your own.

KP Career Path

We offer an exclusive career path you won’t find anywhere else, taking you from elite agent to leader to business owner.

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