Lauren Allison

Admin / Marketing Assistant

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A little about me

Lauren Allison is the Admin and Marketing Assistant for the team at KP Elite | Zaback Group. She is fully committed to making our workspace a place where innovation flourishes, challenges are met with enthusiasm, and everyone feels a sense of belonging. Lauren's unwavering dedication and keen eye for detail have been instrumental in enhancing our office's dynamics, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Lauren is passionate about cultivating a work culture that prioritizes both productivity and happiness. Where every team member can thrive and grow. She is heavily involved in the immediate growth and success of the team as she handles a wide variety of marketing responsibilities including graphic design, social media management, and event coordination. Lauren’s creative flair has significantly elevated our brand's presence, making her efforts felt across all our marketing projects.

Feel free to swing by Lauren’s desk anytime. But fair warning: entry requires a coffee offering. (Extra points for fancy latte art!)

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